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Frequently Asked Questions


What subjects do you offer content on?

We offer content on Health and Physical Education (Years 7-10), including Electives for Years 9 and 10; Sports (Years 7-10), Outdoor Education (Years 9-10), Food Technology (Years 7-10).

Health and Physical Education

We offer a large selection of units and assessment tasks, ranging from health and wellbeing to fitness testing and programs.

Food Technology

We offer a large selection of units, ranging from hygiene and safety in the kitchen to food preparation to eco-nutrition. We also offer recipe templates so you can include your own culinary creations (subject to copyright).


Can I pick what units I want to include?

You sure can! Our wide variety of content allows you to select the units that you want to include and arrange them in the order you wish to teach them. And if your program changes from year to year, you can change your workbooks too. Each printed workbook also has your school name and logo on the cover so it’s unique to your school.


Can I include my own content?

Yes, you can include your own worksheets, activities and assessment tasks if you own the copyright on the material.

For our Food Technology workbooks, we have recipe templates available allowing you to publish your own culinary creations in a professional and accessible format. Any content you supply can also be converted into our digital format if you are purchasing digital workbooks.


Does your content align with the Australian Curriculum?

Yes! Our content is aligned with the current Australian Curriculum as well as the Vic, WA and NSW curricula, and any necessary adjustments will continue to be made if the curriculum changes.


How often do you update your content?

We update our web links annually and our content bi-annually to ensure your workbooks are up-to-date.


Is there teacher support material?

Yes, our Teacher Editions are a page-by-page replica of the student workbooks, but contain answers to questions, helpful notes, extension activities and suggestions for further resources. We offer locked PDF files of both the Teacher Edition and student workbook, which can be used for data projection in class.


How long does the process take?

The entire process, from selecting your content to building your draft to finalising your order, can take anywhere from two weeks to a term, depending on your changes. Printing/delivery time is in addition to this.


How many pages are included in a standard Flexibook?

Our workbook models depend on the amount of pages you would like to include, with our smallest option allowing up to 100 pages of content and our largest option allowing up to 300 pages of content. If your workbook exceeds this size, additional costs will apply.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

The minimum print run for our workbooks is 50 per title.


How much do Flexibooks cost?

Prices vary depending on model, print and digital options, etc. Please ask your Account Manager for more information.